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Syd's Song

An impromptu performance by Syd House and Ian McKinnon at York Factory, August 2008. See the music and lyrics

A Trip to York Factory

York Factory is a really difficult place to get to. The remote historic site on Hudson Bay is visited by few people.

Sandhill Cranes

The production crew was fortunate to see Sandhill Cranes while filming at York Factory. Note the large birds' distinctive call.

Logging Footage

Early 20th century Pacific Northwest Logging film clips shows the process of turning nature's forest into lumber shipped to market. Courtesy Oregon Historical Society Research Library Moving Image Collections.

Eau de Vie

Clear Creek Distillery, Portland, Oregon USA makes a brandy from the young tips of the Douglas fir tree. This footage (filmed in July 2009) shows the beginning of the process as the buds are hand-picked in the field at just the correct moment of ripeness. In the Alsace region of France this brandy is known as "Bourgeons de Sapin."

Dorothy's Garden

People of all ages enjoy the many benefits of gardening. Filmed July 2009 in the Pacific Northwest.

How to press a plant

David Knott, Curator of Living Collections at the Edinburgh Botanic Garden, demonstrates how herbarium specimens are preserved in the field. Filmed May 19, 2009.

Garden Museum

Gordon Mason explains the long history of plant collectors.

Plaque Installation at Kaluakauka

Bronze plaque installation on the memorial cairn at Kaluakauka in October 2014.