Musical Score

The musical score for Finding David Douglas is composed of pre-recorded music from the following sound artists and archives:

Syd House wrote and performed “To the Oregon Country” in 2008 especially for the film. He sung the piece at York Factory in August 2008 when the production team was on site filming at this now remote location in northern Manitoba on the shore of Hudson Bay.

Simpson’s Folly – Based in Manitoba, Simpson’s Folly sing the songs and play the music from the late 18th century-early 19th century that reflects life at the Scottish settlement at Red River. The musicians are Frederick Carsted, Johanna Handford, Dorothy Long and James Long. See

Abby Newton is a cellist who specializes in traditional Scottish music. Her groundbreaking work in the revival of the cello has been at the forefront of a movement to restore the unique richness of the cello to traditional music. Abby is widely respected as a performer and instructor in both the United States and Scotland. Today the cello is considered a classical instrument, but from the late 17th to early 19th century, it was used in folk ensembles. Citation from

Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music is an audiovisual archive that documents music and culture from all over the world. With more than 2,700 field collections, it is one of the largest university-based ethnographic sound archives in the United States. See

Cam Newton is an Oregon native whose compositions reflect his appreciation for music of cultures all over the world. Citation from

The Rose Ensemble is a vocal ensemble group based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Founded in 1996 as a nonprofit organization with a strong commitment to education, the Rose Ensemble regularly performs in North America for K-12 schools, colleges and libraries. Citation from